The house shown above is our featured "Smart Home", known as the Windsor. One of the most elegant of homes, it's uniqueness is the incorporation of 3 separate living areas.  To take a tour of this beautiful home, CLICK HERE.

However, any of our "Smart Homes" can become an "Amazing Smart Home" by simply incorporating green technology so the energy usage of such home will be significantly decreased.  The level of energy efficiency is determined by you, the owner.  In most cases, this determinant is dependant on cost. At one of the highest levels of energy efficiency, the ultimate goal is for the house to become "net -zero" meaning that energy costs become "zero". This is most realistically achieved with solar cell electrical production and a self sufficient water supply (usually artesian well) and independant septic system. 

Many homeowers are "amazed" how much energy they can save just by incorporating a few green technology innovations.  For example, using high seer air conditioning heat pumps, flourescent light bulbs, radiant energy barriers and other low cost energy saving devices or building concepts, one can often decrease an energy bill by half or more. 

The highest goal reached thru green technology is that the house becomes a positive energy producer such that the local electrical companies are required to buy back the excess energy produced by the home.  In this way, your home can easily become an "Amazing Smart Home", utilizing two modes of income production.  What an investment concept! 

By utilizing the "Amazing Smart Home" concept, this automatically has the house become an  "off the grid" residence.  No doubt, being energy, water and waste-water independent, is not only a "Smart" idea for living independantly, but in time also contributes to financial independance as well.  It's a win - win situation without a doubt.

It is our sincere desire to help you obtain housing and financial independance using the "Amazing Smart Home Program".  We hope that we can be a blessing to all parties concerned.  Give us a call, or contact us thru the linked email.  We'll be glad to help.
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