Great News!  Amazing Homes has entered into alliance with Quality Affordable Homes and the Blessed Home Program. We have formed this alliance with the express purpose of featuring our listings while at the same time further promoting the "Smart Home Program", a program that allows homeowners to implement a realistic wealth generating program to significant levels via home ownership.  Let me explain.

When we began Quality Affordable Homes in 1987, our initial goal was to provide affordable housing, whether it be in small homes or large ones. Then, in the late 1990's an allied goal evolved which was to provide homeowners with a more enhanced capbability of gaining economic freedom.  This goal gave impetus to share and disseminate the concept of the "Smart Home".  Amazingly, a financial plan developed from this idea so that one could realistically become a millionaire (and possibly even greater).  To get a greater understanding how this works, CLICK HERE which will link you to the site that explains this concept in a "nutshell".

Another tool which assists a homeowner who holds a mortgage is through the use of the Mortgage Savers Program, otherwise abbreviated MSP. Quality Affordable Homes, and now Amazing Homes, can offer homeowners an opportunity to generate thousands upon thousands of dollars in the goal of  achieving financial freedom (i.e. wealth). The latest is that you can now sign up for the program free of charge!  It is one of the most innovative tools discovered to help you save thousands upon thousands of dollars with no risk whatsoever regarding home ownership.

In 2006 we officially lauched the "Smart Home Program."  This program considers using an additional living area in a single family home so that it can be a blessing to both the homeowner and the other party living in the "addition".  With its unique arrangement and flexibility, the "addition" can be used as a rental for additional income to facilitate debt reduction and/or wealth creation.  Moreover, it can be used to assist family members  (i.e. in-law apartment), church family, assisted living facility, bed and breakfast or any other means that the "addition" can be a blessing.

Further analysis revealed a program whereby one could realistically  become a millionaire by utilizing the "Smart Home Program."  Make sure to check out how this program works by reading our Presentation Paper which explains in detail how this is accomplished using the numerous tools of debt reduction and real estate appreciation.

From this, we were able to determine that there are very few investment programs that allow this type of gain to be made in relative safety and without the type of risks commonly associated with stock and/or commodity investing.

It is our sincere desire to help you obtain housing and financial independance using the "Smart Home Program".  We hope that we can be a blessing to all parties concerned.  Give us a call, or contact us thru the linked email.  We'll be glad to help.
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For Sale in Barrington Ridge
3911 62nd Terr. E.
Bradenton, FL 34203
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$277,000 - SOLD
in the Reserve at Crossing Creek
6919 47th Terr. E.
Bradenton, FL 34203
$214,000 house & lot

For Sale at Hilltop Lane
Hayesville, NC 34203
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